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If you enroll in this course at this point you have the rare opportunity of studying under Hollywood’s handwriting expert to have Kathy Gulley (pseudonym KG Stevens), without having to go to California or pay to have them come to you. Kathy wrote the only book of celebrities and each of the 85 star verifiy accuracy supported by over 90% in her book and her audio cassette.
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Welcome to a new, exciting and informative world of graphology! That’s all you need to do to start learning to get graphology from a master! To be a pro, learn from a pro. Get your recording in the mail and then study the data sent to you. It’s so easy, competent enough to analyze personalities from handwriting samples, and / or are looking for certification. If you want to know more, read on below:
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You can take this course at your own pace and you choose whether you want to take quizzes or later try Certification want. You will receive a beautiful Certificate of Completion which you can customize. Put no pressure on you in this course.
Kathy Gulley Definition of graphology or handwriting analysis:
Graphology is a scientific system of identification and evaluation of character and personality of a person through detailed investigation and study, his or her specimen signature. – Kathy Gulley, Certified Master graphologist and documents provided Examiner in question.
Would you like to test your knowledge Graphology? See how many questions you can answer:
What does it mean if your handwriting slanted to the right? On the left side? Both? You will learn to correctly measure slopes. Is your writing bigger than average? Smaller? What does this mean? Did you write legibly? Unreadable? Is writing bad if it messy? (No!). Does it matter which hand you write? In what way? Is there change in your writing? Two signatures are identical? Is “pretty writing” reflects positive attributes? (Are you sure?). What does this show pressure? How can you tell if someone encounter in your business? Lie? Cheat? Deceive? If someone is too sensitive? Too stubborn? What features indicate a dangerous person? What does a signature reveal? Is he / she generous? Miserly? Too Promiscuous? A loner? Can you trust him? How does it communicate? Secretive? Talkative? A liar?
You will learn this and more in the study of graphology. You can start now by signing up for Graphology basics.
Graphology graphology and FAQ Posted
Tax writeoff for you?
If you hire employees or would use in your work graphology, it is possible that any money that you would pay me would be a legal tax deduction for you. Ask your tax advisor. Screening applicants.
Among thousands of students expert Kathy Gulley had are:
Psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, teachers, counselors, HR Directors, Security & Loss Prevention Chiefs, executives, celebrities, moguls, secretaries, truck drivers, computer specialists, Casino, and other Events & Catering Manager and Events planners, police, criminals, and others!
You can also learn to be a grapho-therapist. After studying graphology, you can also learn to use it in grapho-therapy, self-help, by.-Conscious changes in their handwriting First, find out what strokes in the handwriting provide negative traits. Then you can target those strokes to change positive strokes, thereby increasing negatives and positives. This is a proven self-help tool in applied psychology used. A personal favorite of ours is Grapho Therapist, Paul de Ste. Colombe, who wrote the book Grapho-Therapeutics .. Kathy Gulley is also a grapho-therapist.
Study and learn graphology, detect dangerous people within minutes! (People other experts may not have been able to see at all, so police officers, detectives, teachers). Forewarned, forearmed. Did your parents teach you, “An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.” Well, that’s Graphology at least a ton of prevention! You can spot troublemakers before they can cause you or your loved ones no problems. You can find the good people. (If you are a Littel nuts, you can specifically find the bad people). This is particularly important when dealing with strangers on the internet. Find out what kind of person you are dealing with; ie Kathy Gulley is compassionate, caring, sincere, hardworking and intelligent.
Examples of content:
After this course you will be able to answer most or all of the above questions, and the ones that follow:
The three dimensions of the manuscript
Upper and lower zone Extensions
Horizontal Dimensions
Depth or pressure
Distance between:
Zones: upper, middle and lower
Use of space: harmonic vs. inharmonious; Symmetry; Organization
Baseline: concave, convex, stairstp, rigid, flexible, unpredictable, rising, falling
Share / ratios: Copybook ratio of the zones and the distance from the size of the font
Margins: Left, right, up, down. Balanced or unbalanced? Wide or narrow? Expansion or contraction?
Connective Strokes, connections
Uniformity and regularity
Form level, form, form level, shape, image value
Simplification vs. Elaboration
Readability, grade
, Style: Copybook v originality; Linear vs. rounded; Italic vs. printed; Combinations
Spontaneity vs. Artificiality
Kathy canyons’ Danger Signs: The traits from hell
Personal pronoun “I” (self-esteem)
Signatures and their meanings
Beginning and end Strokes
t-trunks and T-bars
History of graphology
Graphology Code of Ethics
Importance of studying psychology
Uses of Graphology
Certification Procedure
What a good handwriting basically looks like
What a poor handwriting always looks like
Notes in preparation for creating a report (analysis)
Interpretation of Scripture
Synthesis and the preparation of the report
Methods of presentation of the report
Graphology vs. Document Examination
Handwriting Analysis 101, Graphology basics:
You now have ways you could learn graphology: Through correspondence, seminars or workshops, in a one-to-one private sessions in person or online, or at Southern California universities, etc. In a relatively short time, you can learn how to accurately and confidentially to analyze yourself, or someone else, font samples.
Descriptions & PRICES:
Graphology correspondence course: $ 595.00 *
“Handwriting Analysis 101 – Graphology Basics” correspondence course costs $ 595.00 and includes both basic and intermediate data. A rare opportunity. You will not be put on a schedule, and no one is put under pressure to perform. You will work at your own pace. You have the opportunity to quiz, or seeking certification. You will learn generally accepted principles, as well as some of Kathy Gulley secrets that led to receive written notices of accuracy of celebrities and icons the only graphologist in their nature.
* NOTE: $ 100 per Referral: Once you are a student, you will be $ 100.00 for each student you paid off. If you now refer six students, your registration fee of $ 595.00 will be waived!
Online Classes, One-on-One: The cost is determined on a per student basis
One-one-one private online courses available. You can learn most of the basics in intensive 4-6 hours, depending on your ability to learn. Dates and times will be arranged at the mutual convenience. To subscribe, send the form below. The article is about how much you already know or do not know to be structured. If you have incorrect information already stored, Kathy will straighten, do not worry.
In-person classes:
In-person one-on-one or group lessons are available at your site.
Special workshops and seminars:
Kathy can speak or teach your group, targeting their presentations on your interests and needs. Read this list of available topics for workshops.
Seeking certification:
I have for three decades a Certified Master graphologist. If you want to search for the certification, I’m going to show you how.
Need a job? After training, Kathy COULD rent:
I’m looking for a good, intelligent people looking to exercise, the analyzes do for me later on an independent subcontractor base. (I find the work and arrange them and you pay).
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