Choosing the right online casino for you

A decade ago the selection of online casinos was rather limited. Graphics were average, payouts acceptable and due to slower internet speeds, the experience, albeit it novel and entertaining, wasn’t always as cutting edge as it should have been. You still find many online casinos who offer less than satisfactory service, but due to the very many technological advancements which have taken place over time, it is fair to say that competition is stiff and climbing their way to the top of the recommended casinos list, challenging to say the least!

It is fair to say that even though most online casinos have upped their game, not all casinos are created equal. Some sites are fantastic and other are downright dreadful. When you are playing with your own hard earned cash you want to know that you’re not wasting your time, or money.

So, what should one look out for when selecting an online casino?

  1. Security

Is the site secure and your information kept private? Does the online casino have a good reputation and track record?


  1. Reliable Customer Service

When things go wrong, as they sometimes do, how easy will it be for you to contact the online casino which you are dealing with? Do they have more than one method of contact eg. a telephonic call centre as well as a live chat facility? What are their operating hours and do they coincide with the hours when you will be online? There is little logic in making use of an online casino in a different time zone if it isn’t able to provide you with support when you are online UNLESS of course, they offer a 24-hour service as some of the well-known ones do.


  1. Deposits and Payouts

Does the online casino transact in your currency? What is their payout ratio (a really good one should be above 97%). Is their average payout speed acceptable to you?


  1. Game Selection

How wide a selection of games are on offer and is the quality of the various games to your liking? At Indio Casino first time visitors are given the option to download the free software and try out certain games for free (there is no time limit, and customers can make use of this feature indefinitely). This enables players to gain a taste of what they would experience should they be playing with real money. This is a valuable feature to look for and make use of as you soon will know if you’ve found the right casino which ticks all the boxes for you.


  1. Software

Stable online casino software is a must – as well as the reassurance that the online casino in question has dependable connections to reliable international servers.


  1. Legalities

Is the casino licensed and regulated? Some online casinos may promise you the earth and offer the most unbelievable welcome bonuses…but are they trustworthy?


A great online casino should provide you with hours of entertainment and relaxation in a safe, secure environment. Don’t settle for anything less.