PAF Casino

There are so many online casinos available, choosing where to spend your gaming dollars can be a headache to say the least. All it takes is a search on your favorite search engine to find a list that probably numbers in the hundreds, possibly the thousands.

So, how do you narrow down your choices and find the best place for you to play? In this review of PAF online casino, we endeavor to do just that by detailing a little bit about this company to help you decide if it indeed it is a place where you would like to get your gambling entertainment and finding PAF bonus codes at

About PAF

PAF Casino began as a brick-and-mortar establishment Way back in 1966. Since then they have developed a reputation for always putting their customers first and as such, they have decided to start an online casino in order to provide a new top of gameplay to gamers all over the world. Now, gamers can enjoy this casino no matter where they roam, be it on a bus, train, plane, boat, or from the comfort of their homes.

Powered by the powerful Net Entertainment software, gamers can expect to find unparalleled security, a large selection of popular casino games, and superior quality graphics from the moment they set foot on the site.

Like other similar sites, they offer the standard gaming selection that includes (but is not limited to) poker, Baccarat, blackjack, slots, and much more. What makes this company stand out from the rest is the reason why you make overlook them at first glance. That is, this company doesn’t offer as many bonuses and promotions as the other gambling sites. This is because the proceeds from your gameplay are donated to charity to help the less. In this way, the bonuses and promotions that you will be receiving are of a different sort – of the heartfelt variety.

But, don’t give up hope yet, PAF does offer some generous packages that are geared to help you out in your game play. For instance, the moment you sign up and place the minimum deposit, you’ll be granted free 100 free spins to help you stretch your gambling dollars. Furthermore, there also a variety of daily and weekly tournaments, that you can enter to test your skills against other players around the world in an effort to win fabulous prizes, including cash and festival tickets.

What do you think of PAF Casino? Does their different approach entice you to spend your gambling dollars on their site? Share your thoughts below.