Pick-4 Odds and Strategies

The Pick 4 lottery game revolves around probability and statistics, which is why one should some time to study the statistics of the game and find some good strategies or formulate you to take your own. If you do not give it a more realistic approach, you will end up wasting a lot of money, even though each bet is fixed only at 50 cents or a dollar. Imagine how much money would you lose if you played the game for a whole year twice every day and never recovered. That’s like throwing away $ 365, or even worse, $ 730 per year in the garbage.

Statistical data

It is not so easy to win in pick-4 games, because there are so many combinations of numbers that can be drawn. Your chances of winning in the game are actually only straight one in ten thousand, if only to put on a number combination. There are 5040 sets of number combinations with significant numbers like 1234, 4567 and 6789. There are 4320 sets of number combinations doubled with a number, such as 5589, 4467 and 3788th 270 sets of combinations with two numbers doubled exist as 8899, 7733 and 5566th In addition, there are 360 sets of combinations with a number tripled plus a unique number such as 3337, 9992 and 5551. Finally, there are 10 types of all the same numbers as the 7777th

If you are to give it a different look 625 combinations of numbers all odd numbers, and other 625 combinations of numbers are just numbers. 2500 number combinations have an even number and 3 odd numbers. Another 2,500 number combinations have an odd number and three even numbers, combinations of numbers 3750 and have an equal number of odd and even numbers.


The above statistics give some idea now how difficult it is to win in pick-4. You can not just win the lottery by numbers that you think are lucky. It is best to choose numbers that have a higher probability drawn. By playing smart, you might be guaranteed Pick-4 wins with 15 number combinations or 10 or 20 different combinations of numbers. Use the trial and error method to give you the different types, and the total amount, the number of combinations that work best for you.

Strategies you use

There are many strategies out there that you can use to increase their chances. However, it should be noted that not all strategies work effectively. Some of them can even Web sites scam you want to be made available. You should sites that promise to ignore or guarantee that you will win 100% of the time, if you buy a policy from them and use it when you play. There is no single strategy out there that can give you a 100% chance of winning in the game.

The box 25 method is a strategy where you select a combination of numbers and in the list below all possible orders or arrangements of this combination. If an arrangement does not work, then try another. This strategy is particularly suitable for the hetero units.

Go through the results of the game for the last 30 days and according to the numbers that come often. List them and write all possible arrangements, you bet. This may take extra effort because you have to look carefully at each combination and compare them to get the numbers you need.

Another strategy is to familiarize yourself with the trends of the drawings. Figuring out if the numbers are frequently odd numbers, even numbers, four numbers, two same numbers and two different numbers, two sets of the same numbers or quads. By analyzing the lottery numbers frequently, your chances of hitting the Pick 4 Jackpot will surely increase.