Woohoo takes free online bingo to another level!

If you are not the ever-growing community connected at Woohoo Bingo already, you really missed something. Where else has 100% free bingo where you can realistically win fab prizes, make new friends and not spend a cent EVER!

Woohoo Bingo went first at the end of October, and currently has over 10,000 members! Yes, more than 10,000 Members! Even with that in mind, you are still capable of stars that you can exchange up against gold for Amazon vouchers and hampers in store Woohoo win. You can also add profile badge to make really clever your profile!

You do not need a Christmas savings plan this year, only to come together and play Woohoo Bingo cut to help the next Christmas effort. With friendly chat moderators ensure you have a great time. Come with Sunshine in the room, the lounge or Woohoo in the clubhouse for a warm welcome, great chat and soon, chat games for points! That’s right, another way to play points to win this star!

When you first get your daily water recharge is 500 – can this be realistically turned into thousands! In the beginning the only way for more points was to play was to come back every day for the daily recharge. This has suddenly to brilliant challenges for moving points – upload a picture, invite a friend, please fill out your profile, and much, much more! Some of the challenges, you can also charge your daily, so that each day more and more points to get to spend.

Join us on Woohoo Bingo, sign up, click the confirmation link in the email, and then connect your first 1000 points in the fun, one of the rooms. If you are not sure how to play or need any help at all, to one of the sites knowledgeable chat moderators who are happy to help wanna talk.